Morgan Butterfield

Escrow Officer

Remarkable Statement: “The greatest inspiration I find in life comes from the people I encounter daily. Whether it’s a client, friend or stranger, the motivation you can find through people in work and life is truly remarkable.”

Years of Experience: 2

Education: B.S. in Hospitality Management with a minor in Business Administration, University of Mississippi.

Greatest Achievement: My biggest achievement is overcoming a difficult career obstacle during a challenging time and moving to Northwest Arkansas to connect with new clients and friends in an inspiring job while still maintaining my family ties and staying true to my roots.

Ultimate Goal: To be fully ingrained in my community from all aspects, including business, personal, recreation, and service. I am passionate about building a family, career and fulfilling life that benefits the people I encounter.

Fun Fact & Free Time Activities: I’m an identical twin, and I enjoy running and biking on the NWA Trails